Selection Criteria and Guidelines

Student Criteria

The following Criteria must be met to ensure a successful application.

  1. Applicants must be primary, intermediate or secondary school students, aged between 9 and 18 years old, inclusive, at the return date of the proposed tour. Exceptions may be granted under extraordinary circumstances.
  2. Applicants must reside in Australia or New Zealand.
  3. Applicants should/will be students who are members of a family where one of the following circumstances apply:
    • Generational unemployment; where the sole parent or both parents are on government benefits, the applicant is in foster care; or the care of a grandparent or grandparents who are aged/disability pension recipients; or hold a Community Services Card.
    • Other factors considered would include:
    • The student’s particular housing circumstances e.g. public or community housing, temporary accommodation.
    • Other exceptional circumstances that the referees have evidenced in their supporting documents accompanying the application. Suffice to say the onus will be on the referees to clearly articulate the student’s current circumstances and the importance of them participating in the tour.
  4. Each applicant requires at least two (2) references to confirm the student’s current circumstances, one referee from the school (Deputy Principal, School
    Principal, School Counsellor, Director of Co-curricular or School Chaplain) and one independent referee from the community (Community Development Programme Provider, Police Officer, Community Council etc.). Reports from referees listed in application:

    • Good Behaviour Report (max. 600 words) – this may highlight good behaviour, engagement in extra co-curricular activities, attendance record of the student.
    • Benefit Report (max. 600 words) – How will the tour benefit the student?
  5. Applicant report (max. 800 words) – A report that highlights the student’s background, and the benefit they believe they would get from the overseas tour. Applicants are also required to demonstrate what plans they have, or have done, to try and raise money for the tour / or why it won’t be possible for them to raise money e.g. all their part-time work income goes to the family, or their educational commitments are such it makes it impossible to undertake part-time employment.

Tour Criteria

Tour leader/teacher in charge of tour must provide the following documentation if application has been successful. The Foundation of Student Horizons will need to be satisfied that the safety standards of the tour operator meet the requirements of The Foundation of Student Horizons.

The tour leader must provide details to show that the selected Tour Operator meets the minimum safety and business criteria:

  • Transport audit: Commercially operated, registered and insured transport
  • Commercially operated accommodation.
  • Fully detailed activities/itinerary
  • Minimum adult to student ratio of 1:12
  • Full Comprehensive Group Travel Insurance
  • Appropriate Risk Management Plan
  • Contract/Confirmation Letter

Please Note

By applying for The Foundation of Student Horizons Bursary Program, applicants understand that they may be invited to participate in a video interview, which may be used for future marketing purposes.

Please note that bursary payment will be made to the successful candidates’ schools, by the due date of the tour’s final balance payment from the Tour Operator.

Please note that bursaries cannot be passed onto another student if applicant is not able to attend tour because of unforeseen circumstances. Bursary will need to be returned to The Foundation of Student Horizons.


The Foundation of Student Horizons provides financial support to those students with significant financial hardship.


We work proactively together with schools to identify youth who are most likely to benefit through support from the foundation.


The Foundation of Student Horizons helps to make educational travel and experiential learning possible for disadvantaged youth.


We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about the foundation and the bursaries we offer.


Leaving no one behind – Give the gift of affording disadvantaged youth the opportunity to travel the world.

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