Who can nominate a student?

The Foundation of Student Horizons works proactively together with schools and community members to identify youth who are most likely to benefit through support from the Foundation. Identified students are then put forward, through an application process. Once all relevant forms and reports have been collated, the referring teacher has to submit completed application to

What are the methods I can use to donate?

At the current stage The Foundation of Student Horizons only accepts online donations. Make a quick and easy tax-deductible donation through our secure website. All data is encrypted to ensure your privacy.

Who is eligible to receive The Foundation of Student Horizons bursary?

Student Criteria The following Criteria must be met to ensure a successful application. Applicants must be secondary school students, aged between 13 and 18 years old, inclusive, at the return date of the proposed tour. Exceptions may be granted under extraordinary circumstances. Applicants must reside in Australia or New Zealand. Applicants should/will be students who

When will the payment be transfered?

Transfer of the bursary amount into the candidate’s school account will occur upon The Foundation of Student Horizons receiving the final tour documentation. For more information, please contact us.

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